How to set magnetic brake on baitcaster

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All magnetic braking reels have a dial of some sort on the opposite side of the reel as the handle. Over the years, things have backed down, so now I turn magnets all the way down on my magnetic reels, usually two brake collars on centrifugal braking reels, and set the spool tension so the spool does not wobble side to side, and make small adjustments if needed. Look for baitcaster combos with innovative brake systems to deliver consistent brake pressure during the cast, and seek out intuitive drag systems that provide smooth performance for an Everyone has a preference and a spinning setup has some advantages over a baitcasting one in certain circumstances. The final break that there could be to adjust on your baitcaster would be a centrifugal brake. He asked u Great news! We put our popular Bass Pro Shops® Pro Qualifier® Baitcast Reel on a bit of a diet, and it has responded extremely well. Riding a bike trainer, once geared toward cyclists driven indoors by stormy, bitterly cold or oppressively hot weather, has evolved into an immersive exercise regimen in its own right. 4. Stay tuned for more videos! Follow our Insta: outdoor_boyz_official. some people will say tighten it till the lure drops and the spool stops and doesnt backlash. 4/2. Dec 12, 2019 · There are three parts to every cast with a baitcaster. The exposed level wind on baitcaster reels makes it one of the most common maintenance issues. Both the rod and the coil are durable. MOULINET POUR LE LANCER LOURD . First are Magnetic Brakes. I haven't handled a magnetic brake BC that I can pitch as far as a centrifugal. Very useful for when you're throwing light lures, or you're throwing into the wind, it works real well for that. You can use three types of baits and they are monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braid. Magnetic Baitcaster: AISE and NEMA compliant, GE brakes are used as stopping, holding or retarding brake on cranes, conveyors, hoists and other machinery. To set your brake properly for the 1/2oz casting weight you tied on, start by raising your rod tip in front of you so the casting weight is hanging seven or eight feet above the ground. Over 3/8 oz you cant beat a 2. Legend’s 7. 1:1 High Speed Bait Casting Fishing Reel US $28. If you have ABS, the fault is often the ABS sensor. Because of this, baitcasters with high gear ratios have lower drag settings, and lower-gear-ratio reels have higher drag maxes. MagFin™ presents an upgraded series of our classic low profile baitcasting favorite - LowDex®, the new LowDexMG®. Setting them too high can cause a lot of backlash. You can adjust from 0(none) to 10 (highest) to get the perfect tension according to the weight of lures/bait you use. 99 / piece Free Shipping (21) | 25 Orders Lixada Pen Fishing Rod Reel Combo Set Telescopic Pocket Fishing Rod Pole + Reel Aluminum Alloy Fishing Line Soft Lures Red Roll over image to zoom in Lixada Telescopic Fishing Rod Portable Carbon Fiber Fishing Rod Travel Spinning Sea Fishing Pole Tackle 2. Hopefully, you are getting the idea that you need to adjust the magnetic break a lot to help reduce backlashes. As for your question, yes there are easier casting reels to learn on. This makes the baitcasting process easy and reduces the chance of backlashing. When you have mastered casting a baitcaster, a beautifully balanced baitcaster rig becomes like an extension of your arm and hand. 99 - 31. The brakes on a baitcaster are used to slow down the spool. The reel should have approx. It doesn’t matter if there’s wind drift, you may perpetually get an unbelievable performance from the reel. The same rules apply for a dual system. The level wind, operated by the worm gear assembly, is regularly exposed to water, dirt, grit and sand, which can clog the parts and prevent ease of movement. When you cast a baitcaster, the spool will start spinning and you can set how much friction you want the brakes to apply. OWNER’S MANUAL. 0/3. The idea behind the design is that the centrifugal brakes maintain control of the spool during the initial portion of the cast, and the magnetic brake control system is designed to take over at the end. For maximum casting distance and minimal tendency of line over run, it is necessary to adjust the braking system to match the weight of the lure and angler preference. The Magnetic Brake System uses magnets to slow down the spool. Now he maintains that adjusting these things is really a function of your skill level. They include magnetic brake, centrifugal brake, and hybrid brake. Used this rig the majority of the day to make sure I wanted to keep it. the reel’s spool speed, which helps Nov 16, 2018 · Loosen the cable barrel adjustment nut, which is located between the brake hood and the rear derailleur. With the H2O XPRESS™ Angler 6'6" MH Baitcast Combo, you'll be ready to land plenty of fish thanks to the rod's durable fiberglass blank, which can stand up to the big ones. That drag is both controlled and adjustable. LEARNING BASICS. The centrifugal brake system consists of six brake shoes located within a flat disc on the spool side. This method will work on  24 Apr 2017 All baitcasting reels have a tension dial and many also have a magnetic brake for refinement, and each has a setting placement that's ideal  22 Jan 2016 I have had a Baitcasting reel and rod for some time and I have used them The difference is that you can easily adjust the magnetic brakes by  Brake System Adjustments. 99. a. How does a brake work on a baitcaster? A. They can be tricky at first since each manufacturer might have some slight changes to the systems. I am also published some article on my website about Fishing reels. These brakes are easy to understand and adjust because they use a dial on the outside the reel plate that adjusts the brake strength. 6. Gears appear to be rough when turning handle. Mar 20, 2010 · all three and how to set them. The drag Pack up your boat and set out for a great day of fishing. Google "baitcaster brake systems" and you'll get some links to look at. Affordable; The pole is a heavy piece. The best baitcasting reels should have brake systems that can be easily set on the reel body itself. 75 / Piece Set the reel's brake system. I set all my reels to 3 on 3 off on the centrifugal brakes. Apr 11, 2019 · For example, if you are fishing buzz baits or Rat-L-Traps, you can set it up to a 6:2:1 reel and get a good result. Thank you so much for this kind of valuable article. fishing-tackle-repair. Try to cast. - MagTrax™ Brake - it'll be my 3rd (and most expensive) abu garcia baitcaster, i'd look at some of those, they're great even the lower priced ones. Brakes: The Tatula features Daiwa's latest single adjustment magnetic braking system, MagForce Z. 3:1 Baitcasting Reel - Low Profile Fishing Reels Baitcasting, Carbon Fiber Drag, Magnetic Brake, Affordable Baitcast Fishing Reels Baitcaster 4. Magnetic brakes work on a more  15 Dec 2018 The other is magnetic which is easier to set and generally cheaper. This brake system is sometimes referred to as a tension brake system since it slows down the spool by applying pressure which is controlled by an adjustment knob. 6 Jun 2019 Magnetic brakes are operated by a dial on the side of the reel, which controls the distance between a set of magnets and the spool. For a basic baitcaster combo, a 12 or 14 pound drag system will probably do for most fishing applications. As far as the magnetic control goes, just depends on if you are casting or flipping. I set the inner centrifugal brake to 1 and then adjust my magnet brake to the wind, usually keeping it around 2. Mar 07, 2014 · I like to set my reels light and finish with my thumb. . com has been informing visitors about topics such as Fishing Reels Repair Diagrams, Fishing Reels Repair Diagra and Fishing Tackle and Gear. To cast your Abu Garcia baitcaster, depress the thumb bar or button (low-profile reels have a thumb bar and round reels have a thumb button) and place your thumb over the line on the spool. You could adjust between the two cast control systems. This usually happens when the drag, the device which sets how much resistance a fish feels when Corrosion-resistant graphite frame and side plates - A6061-T6 machined aluminum, anodized U-shaped spool - Multi-disc composite drag system - 6BB+1RB bearing drive system - External adjustable magnetic cast control system - Quick-Set anti-reverse roller bearing - Side plate access port for quick spool changes - Ergonomic handle design allows system as well as an externally adjustable magnetic brake system. Continue this process a few times and get the feel of casting. My current Sports Mag 6500CT is so much better in this respect that modifying the brake is of no benefit for fishing. US $14. Browse a wide selection of freshwater baitcasting reels from top brands like Shimano & Lew's. Later, Geo The Berkley Big Game Baitcaster Combo is very stiff and handles heavy bait like a dream. Both should be either on or off. 1 Nov 2004 Unlike centrifugal brakes, the magnetic effect, once set, is constant regardless of spool speed. The level wind is used to evenly spool the line as you reel. 6 brake shoes within a ˚at disk attached to the spool assembly function as a centrifugal brake. The brake is in the Powerful Brake and Smooth Drag - The Spark Pro baitcaster fishing reel comes with a magnetic braking system featuring 8 magnetic discs, which offers quick on-the-fly adjustment and greatly reduces the chance of backlash. Matt does a three brakes off and one brake on adjustment. They vary significantly from model to model. Shift the bike through all gears to check for noise and ease of shifting. The lightweight model weighs 7. When you set it ON, there are more centrifugal forces toward the outside. LFS & SLP, etc i learned a lot. An externally adjustable magnetic brake system virtually eliminates backlashes while being quick and easy to adjust. About ten years ago my son and I were fishing with a guide in Minnesota. I then use the magnetic brake to adjust for casting distance and how much weight I'm throwing. This effectively makes this baitcast reel perfect for any cover. Jun 19, 2020 · Baitcaster: There are basically two sorts of baitcasters: centrifugal and magnetic. Aluminum spool, graphite body, carbon fiber drag, 14 ball bearings and magnetic brake system. To learn how to tune a baitcaster, you have to learn about different types of brakes. The reels built with the double-anodized aluminum spool. I recently got my first BaitC (pro qualifier 2) and need to help on adjustment with the centrifugal and magnetic braking system. The brakes are centrifugal and magnetic to facilitate a fine-tuning, thus the ability to eliminate backlash. Jun 24, 2020 · The magnetic braking system helps to maintain consistent brake pressure throughout the cast. When it comes to picking baitcasting reels based on brakes, most people find a centrifugal model is easier to control and set for use. 80 / Piece US $60. When the brake light comes on, most people go to the mechanic. in stock . 11 Nov 2017 Refer to your reel instructions on how to adjust the centrifugal brakes and set the brake to zero (no brakes on). of drag, 5+1 shielded ball bearings, and 10 magnetic braking settings to keep the  30 Jul 2019 For a six-pin system, always adjust pins that are across from each other. Once you set the tension, you are free to revert the magnet dial to how you had it. This is one of the best baitcaster combos under 100 for those who want to learn how to cast a baitcasting reel. of drag). If you remove the palming sideplate, you’ll see a ˚at disk attached to the spool assembly. The sleek, lightweight durability of the rod is complimented by a one piece, graphite-framed reel with durable Rulon drag and Magnetic Brake Systems for all around smoothness. There are three types of brake systems on a baitcasting reel. 1/2. 3. The original Lew’s Speed Spool set the bar for performance in the $99 class of reels. My wife never used a baitcaster until I bought her this, and now she LOVES it. Your bait cast reel may come with a cast control. Tighten the knob until it feels snug. There is an arrangement of colored pegs inside the plate. Now click the thumb bar and let your lure free spool to the ground. The flexible operating modes all are aimed at the maximized casting distance with whatever bait you go for. truthfully if your tightening your spool tension knob to the point where the lure drops slowly thats way to much. once i got good with a baitcaster i hardly ever wanted to use my spinning reels again especially when fishing with lures using a baitcaster just feels much more natural then a spinning reel holding under the rod gives you more control on the fish and you cant beat the accuracy of a baitcaster you can make pinpoint cast try pitching to a pocket with a spinning reel. This design provides more control but takes some adjustment for the best results. conditions and lure weight, you will be able to properly set the brake weights to maximize your casting distance, Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0]Well, we came up with another review, and today we bought for you the complete review of the top 10 Best Baitcaster Under 100. The brake setup did not suit beach fishing, unless you played with the reel's innards. they move in and out with a flip of a fingernail. At about $100, the reel has 10 bearings and a quality twin casting-control set. The centrifugal braking system provides users with a consistent brake pressure which allows Each fishing reel features a synthetic-washer drag system that delivers 10 lbs. Kind of like the way brake pads work on a drum brake in cars. Tighten the cable barrel adjustment nut, then loosen it two complete turns. For those of you who are new or getting used to a baitcaster, here's a tip on how to know if your brake is set correctly. Then turn one at time to the off position until the desired spool braking is obtained. When i first jumped into the baitcaster game i had alot of trouble finding all the RIGHT information in one place. Similarly, you can choose the model that fits well with you. It gets fit with an audible click. An electromagnetic lock, magnetic lock, or maglock is a locking device that consists an electromagnet and an armature plate. Magnetic brakes, though, does not pose much more of a challenge in reality. Your break is there to help you minimize the tendency of backlashes. I got a couple of Cabela's gift cards for father's day and have an overwhelming urge to buy a bait casting reel. Baitcaster Reel 5. 5 pounds. The less the resistance, the more freely the spool spins and the longer you can cast. Its rod is even well-built using IM8 graphite with Nanotechnology and also features SoftTouch skeletal body with Dri-Tac grips for progressively better results. Dec 06, 2016 · With a baitcaster, you can cast to the very bottom of the spool with the same lack of friction as you would if the spool was full. Pull the end of the cable at the brake hood until the cable is snug. They can be moved in or out. It also has an anti-return system. magnetic particle clutches and magnetic particle brakes Clutch/Brake combination units operate upon power/current; they are a high performance solution for start/stop operations. You can't adjust them anyway. I doubt it has anyhting to do with the line on wrong, hard to do that on a bait caster. It is easier to work with different reels of one type or brand  Higher braking settings move the magnets closer to the spool, providing more magnetic force to slow it down. The lightweight aluminum handle has comfortable, slip resistant Super Polymer grips, unheard of at this price, for all day fishing comfort! I recently got my first BaitC (pro qualifier 2) and need to help on adjustment with the centrifugal and magnetic braking system. It's really very simple, turn all the brakes off and adjust your spool tension so the bait fall to the floor slowly, turn a couple of the centrifugal brakes on and the magnetic brakes about 1/2 way. With dual brakes, you also need the mag dial on zero to set tension. 1 new from $24. the magnetic brake can take care of all that. 19 Feb 2020 Magnetic brakes utilize electromagnetic force. 1 kilograms of weight. This supports to run it on centrifugal force. well one side is the actual braking mechanism (the one numbered 1-10) the other side is the spool tension knob. Would you like to add a 1PCS Jointed Minnow Fishing Lure 10. There are both centrifugal and externally-adjustable magnetic brakes to help prevent dreaded backlashes. If you remove the palming sideplate, you’ll see a flat disk 2. This makes it great for sea fishing and freshwater fishing. To work one, it requires a lot of skill and practices that won’t come in a few uses but many. Both are excellent baitcasting reels A Baitcaster Reel is a type of fishing gear that is available in left and right-handed models. 2) Next, set the magnetic brake by turning the brake adjustment dial to 50%, about half way. The more magnetic resistance there is, the more control you have over the spool, but the less distance you will be able to cast. You’ll also be pleased to know that even big brands selling baitcaster combos are quite reasonably-priced. that will control spool speed at the beginning of Brakes: Like all Pro Qualifier reels, the PQX10HD comes standard with the Dual Braking System. I watched Kevin Van Dam yesterday morning representing Quantum with a tutorial on setting up a new Low profile $300 baitcaster was exactly as I commented. If with a heavy weight on it, your casting improves, then it is definitely the drum brake that is causing the problem. I had a few people ask about it. As conditions change you will need to adjust the magnetic brake. When I'm pitching, the brakes are turned off and the tensioner is as light as it can be without allowing slop in the spool. I guess it's because the look cool and the challenge of learning to use one. Enclosure: NEMA 2, CSA 2, IP43 Construction: Cast Iron Aside from an internal centrifugal brake with 6-pin adjustment, this baitcasting reel possesses also a 0-10 magnetic brake. Light and sensitive. In the spool control stakes all three reels feature mechanical end tension but the primary means of keeping the spool under control is a four pin centrifugal brake system. ft. If you've been fishing for a while, you know how frustrating it is to lose a big fish to a broken line. 1 x Fishing Reel. The 7000 has 4. I know some think line shouldn't make a difference but trust me it does, some reels can be picky about the line you throw in them. Jun 05, 2020 · Beginners Guide to Set Up a Baitcasting Reel. It ain't set right. By adjusting the brake system you can control the speed of the spools BAITCAST REEL. Magnetic. Hybrid Brakes Sep 08, 2018 · Backlash no more! I break down how to setup your baitcast reel into three easy steps. For. That way you have a little adjustment left on the brake if needed. The reel is additionally known for its powerful performance. The brake works extremely efficiently – in two extreme positions (min/max) the speed of the spool differs very significantly. Some baitcasting reels have dual brake systems. Once you feel comfortable you can dial back the setting, which will enable you to cast much greater distances. Daiwa makes use of magnetic brakes in their reels, as do some Abu Garcia’s. It features a magnetic brake that makes the control of cast very easy for the fisherman. Nov 11, 2017 · Set your reel properly: Modern baitcasters have adjustable centrifugal braking systems on one side and a tension knob on the other, the latter of which is located under the reel handle. Featuring four ball bearings, a graphite frame, brass gears and a flipping switch, the Black Max is well-suited for bass fishing. Even professional anglers need to make a lot of practices before using a baitcasting reel. 17 to 20 # test is good to start with. of run-stopping drag power. /max. This sensor tells the braking system how fast the wheels are spinning--and the braking system uses this information to come between you and the brakes when you are doing Strength, power, reliability and a great value for money - anglers will get full package in the LowDex® basic low profile baitcasting reel series. Once that's set, finer, ongoing adjustments can be made "on the fly" with the magnetic brake. The weight style brake, or the magnetic brake slows the reel speed, when the reel is spinning quickly. 7. There are two types: centrifugal and magnetic. When it comes to choosing baitcasting gear, streamline your fishing experience by picking out baitcaster rod and reel combos equipped with special technologies. • If you have a Magnetic cast control- Shakespeare’s unique magnetic cast control helps in fine-tuning . you’ll simply access the braking system of the reel through the open facet hatch. For me the magnetic is slightly better with heavier lures and the centrifugal with the lighter ones, but the reel construction males a difference also. b. Piscifun manufacture high-end baitcasting reels, spinning fishing reels and rods, also supply fly fishing reels, fishing lines, fishing tackle bags and etc. Likewise, it has a magnetic brake that can help you adjust the rotation of the spool during a cast. This Baitcaster Combo isn’t recommended for beginner Baitcasters due to the lack of a magnetic Brake. 6' (Purple, 7-7. If your reel uses magnetic brakes: Use the adjustment wheel on the side of the reel opposite to the handle and use about 75-80% of the braking force available. Each one has its perks, while the centrifugal works on friction, the magnetic uses magnets, and the dual-brake works as a mix of both in the first and second half of the cast. Besides, it contains 4 unlock disks placed inside brake shoes. 3:1. Magnets are used to keep the spool’s speed in check. Such a This backlash is a challenge of the baitcasting reel set-up which tends to dissuade beginners from use. If there is a trigger-shaped piece of plastic below the handle, it's a baitcast rod. Your lure should not move. Beginners use more tension and a higher brake setting. For a magnetic brake, you should turn the magnets before setting the spool tension, so the fall rate is not affected by the magnets, thus setting the tension correctly. Now, get yourself a decent quality baitcasting reel and match it up with your choice of a pistol grip or longer handled two-handed rod in about 6' 6" length, and medium heavy action. The lightest bait I would try to cast with a baitcast reel would be 1/4oz (a practice plug or a crankbait w/o hooks will work). 1,968 baitcaster products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba. Both are excellent baitcasting reels May 02, 2019 · I set the inner centrifugal brake to 1 and then adjust my magnet brake to the wind, usually keeping it around 2. Turning the dial counterclockwise allows you to cast further, but increases the risk of backlash. The Brutus baitcaster reels use a reliable and proven magnetic braking system that helps you eliminate frustrating overruns that result in bird’s nests and tangles with baits of all sizes under a variety of conditions. This allows for fine-tune adjustments using any type of lure. To adjust  4 Jan 2013 There are a lot of misconceptions about casting reel setup of brakes and Some magnetic brakes adjust themselves during the cast by use of a Pingback: The 4 Best Baitcasting Reels – Wadinglab September 13, 2019  Brake. The dial adjusts between a MIN of 1 and MAX of 10, here the higher the setting, the more breaking applied. Many top casters--until lately--have preferred  The Max™ family of baitcasting How to Adjust the Braking System: Max™ reels feature the adjustable magnetic braking system closer to the spool. Reel your lure up to your rod tip and hold your rod tip about 30 degrees up in the air. Nobody wants the brakes to fail. By turning the external dial on the non-handle sideplate you move a set of magnets in and out towards the spool. Braking systems are designed to even out the RPM of the spool and slow it down in parts of the cast it may be spinning too fast. May 01, 2019 · There are two braking systems, one inside and one on the outside, again a fairly impressive thing for a $69 reel. The Stealth baitcaster reel's unique braking system is accessed through an easy open side hatch cover. You also don't have line rubbing on the frame from being too full. Your reel is equipped with a Dual Braking System. Apr 08, 2018 · TOURNAMENT READY - The new Royal legend bait caster has state of the art dual brakes with a quick, easy to fine-tune reliable centrifugal and magnetic brake system for superior casting control. I have some better Daiwa's with magnetic and Shimano's with centrifugal and my choice is the centrifugal generally. Maglocks have not changed very much over the past 20 years. Brake systems adjust and slow down the rotation of the spool during the cast. I bought my wife the Carbonlite, set the internal brakes to 3 of 6, and the magnetic to 6 of 10, and put a fair amount of tension on the spool. Aside from an internal centrifugal brake with 6-pin adjustment, this baitcasting reel possesses also a 0-10 magnetic brake. Aug 30, 2016 · This magnetic baitcasting reel offers a very smooth fishing experience with a versatile 6. 5CM/15G or JOF 300M Fishing Line?. Mag-Particle device offer variable torque based on power/current supplied to special iron powder between the stator and rotor. There are so many different models & styles. But for general use a good baitcasting rod and reel once you learn how to cast is hard to beat. Nov 22, 2017 · In this episode of quick tips, we take a look at how to set your baitcasting reel's magnetic braking system(MBS). Jan 04, 2013 · Then, after you set the tension, you can reset the magnetic dial to your preferred setting. Dec 24, 2019 · Adjust your brake system. Baitcasting reels commonly either have centrifugal or magnetic breaks, with each acting slightly different. To understand the angler’s role in each part of the cast, you must first understand how the cast works. SR: For someone new to baitcasting reels, make sure that there is a magnetic brake control on the palm of the reel and that it fits comfortably in your hand when attached to the rod. The price is added to the already excellent list of advantages: analogs of such a reel in the market retail cost half the price, so choosing this baitcaster as one of the best is quite justified. Often both. Goture Scotta Baitcasting Reel Magnetic Centrifugal Dual Brake 8KG Max Drag 7+1 BB 7. Mag brakes typically need thumb only on lure splashdown, if the brakes are set correctly. You get full control of the baitcasting reel while fishing using the high-density EVA handles. Lixada Pen Fishing Rod Reel Combo Set Telescopic Pocket Fishing Rod Pole + Reel Aluminum Alloy Fishing Line Soft Lures Red Roll over image to zoom in Lixada Telescopic Fishing Rod Portable Carbon Fiber Fishing Rod Travel Spinning Sea Fishing Pole Tackle 2. The CB5 baitcast reel is available in both left and right hand retrieve as well as a variety of gear ratios and is ideal for most baitcasting applications and techniques. This method will work on a KastKing reel or any similar fishing reel with But don't take this as gospel. A few reels have a hybrid brake that uses both methods but doesn't seem to  For optimum casting distance, he recommends adjusting the spool tension knob Use the magnetic brake on the outside of the reel too, as it exerts force on the  Everyone has a preference and a spinning setup has some advantages over a the newer baitcasters (really last 15–20 years) have magnetic spool braking  23 Feb 2011 and tackle expert John Holden offers some really useful advice on getting the best from multiplier sea fishing reels with magnetic brakes. I set the slider to '3' when the reel came out of the box, and that's where it has stayed. It has six brake As compared to different baitcasting reels, this unit encompasses a distinctive braking. What kinds of bait should I use with a baitcaster? A. Centrifugal Brakes on a Baitcast Reel. So, if you are also looking for or require Best Baitcaster Under 100 then congratulations folks, you are at the right place as […] The updated Lew’s® Mach 1 Baitcasting Combo features an IM8 graphite blank with Nano technology. Brake System. The well-being of Rexnord associates is our top priority. 7/3. MagTrax™ brake: The addition of the MagTrax™ magnetic brake adds consistent braking pressure throughout the entire cast resulting in smooth, controlled casts. On top of that it has a double break, one of the brakes is a 6 pin centrifugal brake that is well engineered to transform. It will stop fish from pulling out the line, and will stop the line from snapping. MANUEL DE L’UTILISATEUR. Apr 08, 2020 · Yes, you can catch many trout even if you only have a baitcaster to work with. UNIQUE BRAKING - Tournament-ready 7 magnet dual brake system combines the best of centrifugal and magnetic braking. Level Wind. Reel Brake Type: For brakes, you need to pick between three types: the centrifugal, the magnetic and the dual brake. covid-19 update. There are braking systems in the baitcaster that can control the dispersion of the spool while casting. Even when they are completely turned off there is still a magnetic force within the chamber that I believe prevents complete free spool. The magnetic brake adjuster is mounted on the side panel. Apr 17, 2020 · It is also equipped with a magnetic brake system that allows you to adjust the speed of the line to the weight of your catch. Setting them too low can lead to overcasting. Reel cast controls are easy to set up and fine tune for different lures. Just like a baitcasting reel, the brake should be properly set for the weight of the lure you are using to help prevent bird nests and spool over runs. The range of adjustment on the reel's external dial implies a greater magnitude of control than what I've typically seen on a Daiwa reel. If you are new to fishing then there is no way that you should go for a baitcasting reel, spinning reels will be the best choice for you. Start high, like at 70 or 80% brake as a beginner. I would suggest folks give them a call if they're confused like me. = 3 to 4 lbs. Apr 23, 2020 · The KastKing Royale Legend Elite has an advanced magnetic braking system that compares with the friction-controlled brake on the older Shimano Curado 201G7 . No matter the brake system, the faster the spool turns, the more brake pressure applied to slow it  KastKing Stealth Baitcasting Reel,Casting Reels,Fishing Reels. Jan 03, 2020 · Unlike their counterparts, the magnetic brakes; the Piscifun Chaos Round Baitcasting Reel Reinforced Metal Body Baitcaster Conventional Saltwater Fishing Reels features a 6-pin centrifugal brake system which is known for its reliability and sturdiness. Great to avoid the backlashes. Also, using both exterior click dial to set the magnetic brakes. When a brake block is set in the “on” position, it will be able to move towards the outer edge of the spool. The externally adjustable 18lbs MagTrax casting brake is also a great addition to this tool. 22 - 71. Leave the blue brake pads alone. Part of the MagicReel® line, these reels feature a lightweight and durable aluminum alloy frame body, full protection from corrosion with the SOS® smart oil seal and a unique MagFin™ B3 Oct 20, 2012 · those six "bits" on the left side is your centrifugal braking system. Non-ACS™ System: Remove the spool and "turn on" (see owner's manual) all of the brake weights. We recommend a tension setting of about 1/3 of the breakage strength of the line (ex. Unlike a spinning reel where the bait is pulling line off the spool throughout the cast, a baitcaster, once the spool is set in motion, feeds line to the bait as it travels through the air. 14 pound test or higher. Keep your arm movements small. Most retailers have demo reels and . To start with, set the magnetic resistance at about the halfway mark and loosen it as you become more comfortable casting the reel. I'm not sure why. The reel is very similar to the new Quantum Energy which sells for more than this combo. Double line winding shafts increase the winding stability and durability of this workhorse. To set the drag correctly, first start by releasing the drag tension. The centrifugal brake can be turned on or off and there is a magnetic brake system. So for magnetic brakesthat dial should be  12 Apr 2010 Nels said a lot of baitcasting beginners like the magnetic brake systems to flip open the reel casing to adjust the posts in a centrifugal brake. The higher you turn it up, the more braking you allow when you cast. Re backing superlines on baitcasters, then same principles you used on you spinning reels also apply on baitcasters. 7 magnet brake system that lets you tune your brakes for any bait or conditions to eliminate   19 Jul 2019 Once the spool tension knob is set you then adjust the mag cast control dial on the other side of the reel, adjusting it to suit your casting needs  You will find two brake styles: centrifugal and magnetic brakes. Find baitcasting reels from Dick's Sporting Goods. pressure or turn on just one or two for less pressure and more distance. Bass pro shops has several good reels with dual brakes. Compared to centrifugal brakes, magnetic brakes   Learning how to use a baitcast reel will help a novice angler make accurate Some reels have a brake dial for adjusting the centrifugal brake system while  I like to have my reels so full that if I put any more on it, it will bind up on the most manufacturers are getting away from the variable adjusting brake covers. The adjustment of the brake system is available in values from 1 to 10. Magnetic brakes are more simple to set up. MANUAL DEL USUARIO. The adjustments that you have to make will depend on the type of brake available. When setting up a Black Max reel it is important to properly adjust the drag. Why are baitcasters right-hand retrieve? A. If you observe a little detachable side panel rather than a knob, then you have a reel with a centrifugal brake. Magnetic brakes are used to control low-speed spool performance. It is used for applications such as cranes, hoists, conveyors and other machinery. 4 out of 5 stars 72 Piscifun Flame Spinning Reels Light Weight Ultra Smooth Powerful Spinning Fishing Reels HIGH PRECISION MAGNETIC BREAK SYSTEM- Fully adjustable magnetic brake system gives smooth and consistent brake pressure throughout the cast. Which Daiwa reels have you used that don't have magnetic brakes? I've never used a Daiwa baitcaster, just spinning reels, and that was back in the 70's. start your casting learning with ALL of them in the "out" position. Normally, Daiwa reels feature a demarked range of one to ten ( 1 - 10 ) on their external brake adjustment dials. Buy Now Stress-free Vertical (SV) technology and our Air Brake system provides more control when casting. There’s a ceramic insert line guide which is smooth and durable, and allows the use of any type of fishing line with the baitcasting reel. Nobody knows each ones personal preference when casting or flipping. The goal here, regardless of brake type available, you will want to deal with applying braking pressure more evenly. There exist two types of brakes, the magnetic brake, and the centrifugal Then after you set the tension, you can reset the mag dial to your preferred setting. Hold the rod at a 2 o’clock position and slowly turn the knob counter-clockwise until the fishing-tackle-repair. 5Lbs. 26 Aug 2018 In today's video we'll discuss how the different brakes on baitcasters work, how to adjust some of the popular braking systems, and how they all  9 Aug 2018 This baitcaster has a magnetic and centrifugal braking system which is now quite common in new reels. in my opinion (and i have all daiwa baitcasters but one curado) that spool Casting cont'd: This system is basically a combination of both a 6 pin centrifugal system and a magnetic braking system. But this solution is the best one for setting up and cast a new baitcaster fishing reel. Began loosening the manual brake adjusting knob slightly and try casting again. By varying the position of the brake weights that comprise the Centrifugal Braking System, the user can control the speed of the spool. Sep 01, 2018 · Learning to use a baitcaster should be fun! I’ll take you through everything you need to know about adjusting your baitcaster brakes on the water. Overall, it’s a nice baitcaster that fits a niche for bass. With the reel set just like it is, put a heavy 2oz or 3 oz sinker on it and try to cast the same way you were. 1 Set (Min. I use $50 Abu Garcia Black Max baitcasters and my buddy uses high end Quantums and Garcia's. 5. To set the cast control, tie on your lure and reel it to the tip of the rod. Feb 05, 2020 · How to Set the Drag on a Fishing Reel. When the rod is in front of your shoulder, release your thumb from the reel spool. Bring the rod back over your shoulder and then bring it forward. Amazon. e. One-way clutch ball bearing, easier to lay or reel up the line. Daiwa, meanwhile, has a nifty new magnetic system called Magforce-Z that features an internal metal cup that moves closer to or away from a set of magnets during the cast Your manual is telling you to set the magnetic brake to zero so you can adjust the centrifugal brake to whatever level you like. Wind, or as the reel "heats" up, or the line wets, or whatever. As the  How you adjust your baitcasting reel can have a tremendous impact on your fishing success. Aug 27, 2019 · The brakes can be set to slow the spool, preventing this problem. 6') $24. Thank you for purchasing a Cadence® baitcast reel. com, of which fishing reels accounts for 79%, fishing rods accounts for 14%, and other excess inventory accounts for 1%. The SV Concept combines an ultra-lightweight spool made of Super Duralumin with a movable ramp induct rotor that interacts with the brake system's magnetic field to regulate spool speed during the cast – according to the speed of your spool. 18 Mar 2013 When you set up a brake system you always want to start with the braking system fully engaged. Read our article on how to cast a baitcaster with a light lure to get the full story on the best techniques to use when you’re in this situation. Two types of braking systems are present in baitcaster. Set the baitcast reel up with a baitcast rod. As the magnets get closer to the spool, they apply more braking force and slow the rotation of the spool. Then I started to back it off with a few brake clicks and the click mechanism works great, even the spool tension has an adjustment knob with click feature and helps to make fine adjustments. When tuned correctly, your brake will keep your spool from spinning at a greater rate than your bait is traveling, minimizing the risk of getting backlashes. * Fully adjustable cast control with magnetic brake system * Kinetic design knob, more cofortable, with skid control on big fish * Side cover wih quickly set device ,humanized design convenient for maintenance * Worm-shaft winding struggle, precise winding , flexible rotationm, even winding 98% of the time I don't adjust the magnetic or centrifugal brake on my reels, I have those set to a fairly low setting and then I make adjustments to the spoon tension knob depending on the lure and wind. 2) Next, set the centrifugal brake by opening the reels side plate and moving two opposing weights into the unlocked position. 3:1 gear ratio, making it a top item to add to your arsenal of fishing equipment for the ultimate fishing experience. A lot of baitcasters come with a line clicker, which is pretty self-explanatory. 5:1 gear ratio. Reply Delete Sep 06, 2014 · Hey guys so I am getting a a Lews BB1 in the mail pretty soon. You do also want to pay attention to the drag system. Set your primary tension brake first as you normally would for whatever size lure you are using and give it a couple of casts to get a feel for how the brake is working. Here are some additional tips to help you cast light lures or weightless plastics with your trusty baitcaster: Turn your magnetic brake off, turn your drag down until the lure slowly pulls the line out of the spool, and adjust your brake back to halfway. The most common types of brake systems on today's reels usually are magnetic brakes, centrifugal brakes or pin. i'd advise that you get one with a magnetic, adjustable break seeing as you're a beginner, it makes it easier to adjust the brake so you don't have to remove the side plate to mess with the braking system. It has a CNC machined aluminum U-Shaped spool for longer casts and higher fishing line capacity. Although even a master like myself is known to get a bird's nest from time to time when bombing 2/3oz spoons off of breakwalls in 20mph winds. Fishing Miller, do you understand the concept of the magnetic brake and how to set it according to the tackle weight? Baitcasters are hard at first but are very easy after you get used to them. Jan 02, 2019 · 6. The Centrifugal Braking System is completely adjustable. There is also the 7500C3 Elite which has a CT type cage. Powerful fishing tackle for anglers. Our Recommendation. The brake system works with a dial that is placed on the side plate of a reel to set its strength. When a reel is set like this, you can really get into a cast without backlashing. I set the tension to the conditions, and bait I'm using. Don't over-set the drag; there should always be a little play in the drag to prevent breaking the line when a fish pulls hard. 10lb braid has such a small diameter that it likes to dig in the spool, shimano reels are built to handle braid wonderfully, try putting on some mono and set your brakes as high as they go, and work down from there. Since it is operated by a dial I can adjust on the fly, and after using it for a while I know generally what setting to put it on. Set Your Drag Set up a baitcaster is a difficult task. The more magnetic brake assistance you want, the closer the magnets are to the spool but this brake force is constant through the cast. 34oz and hence portable to meet your fishing requirements without straining or causing fatigue after fishing. Attach the reel to the rod and hold it to make sure it is comfortable and feels good in your hands. The key to casting light lures with a baitcaster is to let the rod power your cast. With my magnetic braking baitcasters I always turn all the brakes off before I adjust the spool tension when changing baits. As you are a beginner level baitcaster, so you better go for the centrifugal one that offers superior quality braking system. This has a gauge, usually its one through ten, usually. Novices should look at Abu Garcia's new D6 baitcaster series, in which conventional centrifugal and magnetic brakes have been combined with a single external control knob. Dual Brake- Dynamic 6-pin Centrifugal brake plus Magnetic brake provide the anglers with on-the-fly tournament ready adjustments Ease of use- The 105mm extended carbon crank handle gives the anglers the leverage and power needed to pull the biggest fish out of the thickest cover Do you mostly set the magnetic brake? Is there a general starting point for the centrifugal brakes? Is it really neccessary to open the side of the reel and mess around with the brakes every time I make a lure change, or can I just set it approximately with the centrifugal brake (i. This consistency has allowed manufacturers to focus on such things as lowering power consumption while providing higher holding forces. I must say this baitcaster combo never lacks reliability when it comes to its performance. On some Penn reels with magnetic brakes, the system can be controlled via a dial on the side of the reel opposite the handle. The big advantage magnetic ones have is that they are fast and easy to adjust. There are a lot of reels that have either magnetic brakes or centrifugal brakes, which are located inside the palm plate of the reel and require you to take the Even when they are completely turned off there is still a magnetic force within the chamber that I believe prevents complete free spool. DYNAMIC - Two color anodized aluminum forged multi-ported whiffle-style spool offers maximum strength while reducing weight. The reel also has a magnetic braking system. Brakes on a baitcaster are designed to help anglers avoid dreaded backlash. Having the ability to make on-the-water adjustments can make all the difference when you’re out fishing. If you are a right-handed person, you can choose the right-handed model. Dual brake reels work best if you set the internal pins to control the cast for most conditions, and then set the magnetic dial to compensate for wind or late fluff up during a The magnetic brake is over here. Begin casting, if you are backlashing at the start of the cast, turn on another centrifugal brake, if at the end of the cast add more magnetic brake. It will be the first baitcaster I have used that did not use magnetic brakes. This baitcaster has modern dual brakes that are effective in enabling you to have complete control when using the reel. How It Works Let me explain, as simply as possible, how Daiwa's Air Brake System works, from beginning to end. It options tournament prepared 7magnet twin brake that works nice in combining centrifugal and magnetic braking. S-Line 656CTM Akios flagship reel is the S-line 656 CTM, which is the casters dream due to all the tech spec of brass gears, carbon drag washers, brass, chrome plated corrosion resistant side plates, upgraded stainless steel power handle, upgraded spool release spring to stop reel re-engaging during cast, centrifugal brake, fully adjustable magnetic brake again positioned on left hand side Mar 14, 2017 · Alex is right. It has six brake 70 Series 8700 Style NEMA 2 : Torque ratings 10 - 105 lb. Make sure you maintain a symmetrical pattern when turning them on. 10-level adjustable magnetic brake system. Abu's implementation of magnetic brakes on the STX is less dynamic. Ergonomic handle knobs provide a comfortable grip. com, mainly located in Asia. The reel is intended with twin brakes that include dynamic 6-pin centrifugal and magnetic brakes that supply a lesser focus casting accuracy. 99 . IC9528 (DC spring-set shoe brake) The GE IC9528 DC spring-set shoe brake provides a quick response for increased stability. Magnetic brake systems, however, are not as accurate in making adjustments compared to centrifugal brake systems. magnetic brake system in maintaining the correct spool speed to prevent backlashes. The CB5 and External Brake Adjustment Dial HOW TO ADJUST THE MAGNETIC BRAKING SYSTEM. If your reel uses adjustable centrifugal brakes : Most reels require (part of) the side of the reel opposite the handle to be taken off to access the centrifugal brake "flower" on the Jun 24, 2020 · Baitcaster Fishing Rod & Reel Cover 7-7. according to KVD The magnetic brake is a secondary adjustment…He rarely touches it…The mechanical brake is the primary starting point. There are three types of braking systems: magnetic; centrifugal Pond Boss Forums INTRO Questions & Observations Baitcaster, talk me down from the ledge! Forums Member List Active Threads: Pond Boss Magazine Advertisment Newest 4. Jan 10, 2019 · Magnetic Brakes . The MagTrax™ magnetic brake delivers consistent braking pressure throughout the entire cast resulting in smooth, controlled casts. There’s nothing quite like the feeling. For example, there are hard baits, jerk baits, swimbaits May 07, 2020 · Q: What do magnetic brakes do on a baitcaster? A: Baitcasting reels may have magnetic or centrifugal brakes. Then you set the magnetic brake dial on the other side of the reel. Depress the thumb bar on your reel to let the spool go into free spool and watch the line on the spool as the casting weight drops and hits the ground. Jan 04, 2020 · a. Centrifugal braking system Centrifugal Brake. Order) Low Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel 17+ 1 Shielded Bearings Baitcaster Tuned Magnetic Brake System Baitcast Reel . 6m Oct 18, 2019 · They would set the magnetic brake tighter, but this fix stopped working after a few casts. I would like some advice on how to go about adjusting it. 80 How to Adjust the Braking System: Orra™ reels feature the adjustable MagTrax™ magnetic brake system that delivers excellent casting control. Air Brake system (Daiwa 2014) is looking quite similar to Magforce Z system, but the inductor rotor will be pushed out by the brake force itself. 95 - 48. In the end if you can't set the brakes correctly your going to have backlash problems be it magnetic or centrifugal. One of the least weighty baitcasters in its category, the Piscifun Phantom showcases the breathtaking speed that a carbon frame-based reel can be enabled with. A wide variety of baitcaster options are available to you, There are 1,968 suppliers who sells baitcaster on Alibaba. Backlash is the result of the spool spinning faster than line can leave it. It is always located on the opposite sides around where the handle of your reel is located. I struggled when I first started using a Jan 22, 2016 · The centrifugal brake is the control that allows the line to feed off of the spool at the same rate of speed as the cast. Magnetic Locks. 2 - Adjust the brakes: a. Depending upon casting . Experienced anglers can pull back to 20 to 30%. The two-piece stem construction makes it easy to carry. They are much more user-friendly, in that they are easier to adjust when it calls for. The test team liked the dual casting controls—a surprise feature on a value-priced reel. It uses both a centrifugal brake system as well as an externally adjustable magnetic brake system. Figuring out how to adjust the brakes can be the trickiest part of adjusting a baitcasting  In the end if you can't set the brakes correctly your going to have backlash problems be it magnetic or centrifugal. And to make sure the reel and spool will work efficiently, Multi-Setting Brake has been added. 6m You should find the best baitcaster combo under $100 that’s just as good as pricey ones… Or at least won’t disappoint! A baitcaster combo is a great buy if you want to improve your performance and get a great value for your money. Just about any of the new dual brake reels are much easier to learn with. Jan 18, 2017 · Here's an easy KastKing video for you on how to correctly adjust the brakes on your baitcaster to reduce backlashes. Baitcaster: Now, it’s up to you whether you choose the right baitcaster or not. The braking system is used to help control backlash during a cast. Having said that - the other posts are correct as far as settings: With your weight or lure that you are going to cast with - release the reel - and let the spool free spool toward the ground. 0:1 brass gear ratio and 11+1 noise-free, corrosion resisting ball bearings, and ceramic line guide that is monofilament line and braided fishing line Piscifun Torrent 5. the mag brake should be a dial located somewhere that will have a series of numbers, 1 through 10 or min. Centrifugal. As far as bait casting reels go, the KastKing Steal Baitcasting reel proves to be a top-notch reel at a very affordable price. The closer  1 May 2019 The Piscifun Phantom is the top model baitcasting reel in their I set the inner centrifugal brake to 1 and then adjust my magnet brake to the  22 Apr 2020 Baitcasting reels are most commonly used for bass fishing. clutch system delivers the smoothest performance and lightning fast hook sets. A turn of the dial towards the “MAX” setting moves the magnetic braking system closer to the spool. Having no brakes will let the spool spin faster while having them fully on will slow it down. 1:1 gearing and the faster 7500 up's the anti with 5. If your reel uses magnetic brakes: Use the adjustment wheel on the side of the reel opposite to the handle and use about 75-80% of the   How does a magnetic braking system work on a baitcasting reel? 2) Next, set the magnetic brake by turning the brake adjustment dial to 50%, about half way. May 16, 2020 · Even with the amazing tension and brake systems in modern baitcasters, the cast is something that must be learned and mastered to avoid continued disappointment. Both are excellent baitcasting reels. Use the tension knob on the side of the reel (usually under the handle) to slow the spool's rotation. This is Daiwa's Air Brake System, and it consists of a spring loaded inductor cup and two adjustable magnetic rings. This reel boasts an accurate & effective 0-10 setting magnetic brake, providing the angler with on-the-fly tournament ready adjustments. The line should only pay out about 5 feet. those slow your spool at the end of your cast. Sep 03, 2017 · The purpose of the brake is to slow down your spool when releasing line in the casting situation. com : Piscifun Baitcasting Reel Magnetic Brake System Baitcaster Right Handed : Sports & Outdoors Because the profile between S1 and S2 is set by the movement of brake rotor, it seems the conducted brake force is a little hard to expect especially at middle spool speed. As the spool is spinning, gravity will make the centrifugal brakes extend from the center of the spool to run along a shelf inside the side panel of the reel. I set the centrifugal brake to a good all around setting and leave it alone. as of June 24, 2020 2:42 am . First time using it, I was casting 1/4 oz to 3/4 oz lures. This type of brake system is great for beginners as it is the most comfortable system to learn on. If it has a magnetic brake system, leave it set at least 1/2 - 3/4 of the way to it's tightest setting. Refer to your reel instructions on how to adjust the centrifugal brakes and set the brake to zero (no brakes on). What the magnetic brake does, is it applies braking more toward the end of the cast than at the beginning. A baitcast rod is easily identified by looking at the handle. 33mm/120m Package List: 1 * Fishing Reel All loved it , you mus t satisfied! Its drag capability is also impressive, 18. If you have a magnetic anti-backlash on the reel start with it set all the way to minimum tension. Dual brake reels work best if you set the internal pins to control the cast for most conditions and then set the mag dial to compensate for wind or late fluff up during a cast. Perhaps you have been confused on  18 Jan 2017 Here's an easy KastKing video for you on how to correctly adjust the brakes on your baitcaster to reduce backlashes. 1) Set your primary tension brake first as you normally would for whatever size lure you are using and give it a couple of casts to get a feel for how the brake is working. However, the new and improved Speed Spool LFS just destroyed that bar with a sledge hammer. I wouldnt start with with it on 10, maybe 4/5 and adjust the spool tension for the drop of the bait. I just had a 30 min conversation with a Lews Tech. Magnetic braking systems are relatively standard in baitcasting reels so it’s not particularly surprising, but this reel has a max drag weight of 17. Once you buy a baitcaster the reel won’t do all the work for you, you need to understand the basics and work it. This is the lowest priced point reel on this guide and it’s hard not to want to try it out for a secondary reel, or perhaps someone looking to try a baitcaster for a first time. The baitcaster drum is equipped with a ten-stage magnetic brake, the peak frictional force of which is designed to hold 8. 2:1 High Speed Fishing Reel 10KG Max Drag Super Strong Metal Casting US $40. 70-$15. 1) Make sure the magnetic brake system is in the Off position. Baitcaster Line Clicker. Under the side panel is the brake itself, in which 9 magnets are installed. (5 of 7) INNER BRAKE SYSTEM But I think reels that offer these dual braking systems allow you to get them setup perfectly to how you cast. While some users say that it is best to start with a centrifugal brake since it seems to be easier to  UNIQUE - 10 Disk magnetic brake provides more accurate 1-8 dial adjusting of braking force, helping you stop backflash from occurring, and 8kg max drag provide  But, if your baitcaster is magnetic, you don't need to locate the braking system instead of adjusting the knob. ” A baitcaster's drag system is built into its gearing. The PQ 2 is our lightest and slimmest version ever, so it balances perfectly on a premium bass rod and is a joy to palm, yet all aspects of its performance—the features serious bassers love most about this reel—remain intact. 2:1 Ball Bearing: 17 + 1 Line Capacity: 0. A Rexnord COVID-19 task force is working diligently to monitor, prepare and manage our global COVID-19 business response based on direction from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO), local governments and our own safety protocols. Turning the dial clockwise decreases the risk of backlash, but also decreases casting distance. Those just getting started should set the reel for a high degree of magnetic tension (refer to the owner’s manual when setting your magnetic brake). No matter the brake system, the faster the spool turns, the more brake pressure applied to slow it down. The function of the brake is to reduce the speed of your spool when releasing lines during a casting operation. FEATURES Mar 14, 2015 · I had the magnetic brake set at full as it was my first cast with it until I became more familiar with it and casts like a rocket. Then I use the Magnetic brake to dial in the differences in condition changes. These use a dial on the side of the plate, usually with a minimum and maximum setting on a scale of 1 to 10. This baitcaster features an easy to adjust centrifugal and magnetic 10-level dual brake system, helping you to achieve superior casting control and virtually eliminate backlash. heavy lure/light lure) then fine tune on lure changes with Mar 11, 2015 · When a reel is set like this, you can really get into a cast without backlashing. The friction knob lets users dial up gross casting control, while the opposing magnetic brake system allows fine tuning with a 24-point adjustment gradation. 5 lbs, great for a medium-heavy rod. Apparently you don't have to "thumb" the BB1 pro thanks to the brake pads. Bait: Selection of bait entirely depends on your preference and type of setup. Magnetic Brakes. The Crixus baitcast reel comes in a convenient all-purpose, 6. The KastKing Royale Legend Elite has an advanced magnetic braking system that compares with the friction-controlled brake on the older Shimano Curado 201G7. 10 lb. An expert at baitcasters can set the brakes at a minimum setting and easily cast much farther than with a spinning reel. Magnetic brakes use electromagnetic forces generated by the spinning spool to control how fast the line leaves the spool. Having less line on a baitcaster spool, allows the spool to spin more freely increasing it's efficiency and your distance. In this video demonstration, I show you how to properly tune your bait-caster by making subtle adjustments to the cast control mechanism and the spool tensioner knob located on the right side of the reel. Magnetic brakes work just like the name implies. Jun 28, 2013 · The only noise with a biatcaster is the noise made by the centrifugal or magnetic casting brake inside the reel. Jul 14, 2019 · Tips for Casting Light Lures with a Baitcaster. The centrifugal brake makes use of centrifugal force to reduce the speed of the spinning spool utilizing little pinstripe affixed to the side of your spool; while a magnetic brake adopts magnet to reduce the speed of the spool. The maximum coil strength is 17. There are two types of brakes: the centrifugal brake and the magnetic brake. Both reels backlash like crazy if they aren't adjusted correctly and vice versa. The Black Max bait cast reel is manufactured by Abu Garcia and is designed for freshwater angling. Once you get the cast control knob and the magnetic brake adjusted properly for the lure you are tossing, your backlashes should be almost non existent. Specifications: Material: Metal Hand: Left hand / Right hand (optional) Gear Ratio: 7. CARRETE DE BOBINA ROTATORIA. Drag, Brake, & Tension. With dual brakes, you also need the magnetic dial on zero to set the tension. Let's do it again. Now taken to the next level within the MetaGraf® line, this low profile marvel has the power and strength lying within the MetaGraf® reel body material, the comfort of our XLCast® cast control systems and the force of MagFin™ muscular TRIPPLE DRAG® to ensure ultimate line Stealth baitcasting carbon construction reels are 100% corrosion resistant. Push the thumb bar. Magnetic tend to be simpler to operate which often leads to them being priced above centrifugal models. Brakes can be centrifugal or magnetic. The oversize disc carbon fiber drag provides consistent and smooth stopping power while battling big fish. I can cast that thing a good ways, and when the bait hits the water, the spool just stops. Baitcasting reel. Magnetic Brakes – In my opinion, a baitcaster with a magnetic braking system is a much better choice when you are a beginner. Yancy Magnetic Double Brake Baitcasting Reel 18+1BB 7. I still wouldn't go out and spend $200 on a reel with centrifugal brakes to start with when you can get a good reel with a magnetic brake at a price that's easier on the wallet and learn with that. how to set magnetic brake on baitcaster

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